Become NZ GAP certified

There are a few simple steps to becoming a New Zealand GAP Approved Supplier


EJI3070Step 1

Choose a programme - see our list of programmes here.

Step 2

Apply for NZGAP and pay the registration fee.

Step 3

Receive the manual from NZGAP and prepare your business for audit.

Step 4

Arrange an audit.

  • NZGAP GLOBALG.A.P. Equivalent - Contact your Certification Body

Step 5

Maintain certification next year:

  • Apply for an NZGAP audit or completing the annual renewal form when required by the programme.
  • Arrange an NZGAP GLOBALG.A.P. Equivalent audit with your certification body


Approved Suppliers are contacted by NZGAP three months prior to their anniversary with information on how to maintain their certification.

NZGAP offers a range of certification options and these are described in our scheme rules